Leadership Expert | NY Times Bestseller | Former US Navy SEAL Officer

Join CLDA in welcoming Chris Fussell, former Navy SEAL and partner at McChrystal Group at the 2018 CLDA Annual Meeting & Expo in New Orleans, LA. Fussell will offer insights into the role that leaders must play in changing the narrative of their organization. He argues that connectivity with the organization’s purpose is more critical now in the information age than at any point in history. We'll explore the practical aspects of implementing a team of teams model, diving into both the process and leadership behaviors required to make the transition and adapt to disruption.

About Chris Fussell
Chris Fussell is a is a New York Times bestselling author of Team of Teams and managing partner at McChrystal Group, where he oversees development, client relations, and marketing. Prior to joining McChrystal Group, Chris spent over 15 years as an officer in the Navy SEAL Teams. His time with SEAL Teams two, eight, and the Naval Special Warfare Development Group put him in multiple combat zones around the world. During his career, Chris served as Aide-de-Camp to then-Lieutenant General Stan McChrystal during General McChrystal’s final year commanding the Joint Special Operations Command.

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