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CLDA Hall of Fame

The CLDA Hall of Fame Award honors and recognizes leaders who have made a positive impact on the industry and our association. Hall of Fame recipients are nominated and voted on by the CLDA Board of Directors. 


Rick Chase

Ontrac, Phoenix, AZ
2019 Hall of Fame Inductee



Ronnie Burns

Rob Hackbarth

Chris Mackrell
Henry Dixon
Michael Gualtieri
Bob DeCaprio
Rob Slack
Bill Goodman
Mark Chiusano
Rick McClelland
Tony Racioppo
Phyllis Apelbaum

Brad Baumert
Dan Bender
Gil Carpel
Morley Chandler
Larry Day
Julius DeVito
Bill Jacobs
Ed Katz
Stephen Lippe
Steve Miley
Jerry Perlstein
Jay Scarola
John Storm
Dick Thomas


Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is recognize individuals who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to the CLDA and the industry and meet one or more of the qualifying criteria:

  1. Accomplishments that brought favorable attention to the CLDA and the industry.
  2. Business and civic success.
  3. Demonstrated community service.
  4. Awareness of the needs of others.
Phyllis Apelbaum, Arrow Messenger
Larry Day, Jet Messenger
Stephen Lippe, Econo Courier
Steve Miley, The Go Between
Jay Scarola, Dedicated Delivery Systems
Dick Thomas, Priority Dispatch
  Mark Chiusano, Avant Services
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