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About the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA)
CLDA is a non-profit trade association that advance the interests of the customized logistics and delivery industry.  By joining CLDA, your company will join forces with other courier industry professionals to advance the industry throughout the United States and abroad.  Membership in CLDA gives your company a unique opportunity to educate yourself on where the industry is headed and where opportunities lie.

Our over 400 active members stay ahead of industry trends and learn tried and true strategies for growing their revenues. CLDA also represents your interests in Washington by lobbying on our members’ behalf on issues that affect the industry – from independent contractor laws to IRS regulations on driver reimbursement rates, and more.


Membership Benefits 

By taking advantage of the countless number of benefits available to CLDA members, you will more than pay for the membership dues. Here is a list of a few benefits available to our association members:

  • Expanded networking by building business relationships with industry leaders and members from other markets that open doors for business opportunities. 
  • Expand your business IQ by taking advantage of CLDA's progressive educational programs introducing you to best business practices as well as innovative business solutions.
  • A voice in Washington through CLDA’s lobbying efforts.
  • Increase agent work opportunities by having your company’s contact information listed on the CLDA's on-line directory, allowing other members in other markets to locate your company.
  • Increase your offering options by having access to the national member database allowing you to pursue contracts that extend into other market areas.
  • CLDA's quarterly magazine keeps you informed of the latest trends in the industry.
  • Savings on registration fees to the Annual Convention and the Fall Forum.
  • Increase your profitability by reducing costs through the CLDA's discount program with industry vendors.
  • Your professional image is elevated when you display the official CLDA logo.

Membership Types
Regular Member: Delivery and logistics companies in the U.S. and Canada (Canadian rates reduced $75). Standard rates for Regular Members are determined by sales in U.S. dollars. Rate schedule for renewals after the first year of membership are as follows: 

Category Rate
New  $199
Under 1 Million  $495
1 to 3 Million  $750
3 to 5 Million  $945
5 to 10 Million  $1,645
10 to 15 Million  $2,305
15 to 25 Million  $2,965
25 to 35 Million  $3,515
35 to 50 Million  $4,065
50 to 75 Million  $5,250
75 to 100 Million  $6,500
Over 100 Million  $9,985

An Affiliate Member ($630/year) is a service or supplier to the industry and wishes to join CLDA as an affiliate, non-voting member. Please note that all Affiliate applications are subject to review by CLDA's Board of Directors and membership is pending their decision.

An International Member ($525/year) is a company that is located outside the USA and/or Canada. This level of membership is non-voting.

A Shipper Member ($ 249/year) is a company who owns or controls the goods being shipped. This level of membership is non-voting.

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