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Are you a past-XLA Member?

We have some truly exciting news to share with you which will enhance your membership value while exponentially expanding our advocacy abilities on regulatory issues critical to your bottom line.

The Express Delivery and Logistics Association (XLA) was pleased to announce that, effective February 19, 2019, the XLA merged into and joined the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA).

For those who are not familiar with CLDA, their organization primarily represents the agents (authorized representatives) within our industry. Founded in 1987, the CLDA is a highly respected organization headquartered in Washington DC. The XLA began merger negotiations with CLDA in the third quarter of 2018 and reached a merger agreement in December 2018. The potential benefits to previous XLA members are enormous and meaningful.

The critical merger value point resulting will be the linkage of IACs with "last mile" agents. The CLDA in 2019 will represent, under one roof, the entire express air cargo logistics and supply chain. Joining together all these industry sectors will create a powerful Washington trade association which will speak in one voice on critical regulatory issues and promote the continued growth of the express industry. That will be of special importance particularly when dealing with Congress, the TSA, DHS and CPB in addition to networking opportunities created with express companies working together with the agent community through interaction in CLDA events and meetings.

Consider these specific benefits which your company will realize by continuing with the CLDA in 2019.

CLDA Advocacy: CLDA's Director of Government Affairs will be the point person focused on regulatory and legislative issues. CLDA also has on retainer one of Washington's elite lobbying firms - Prime Policy Group -which has deep relationships within Congress and regulatory agencies. This will provide a singular and powerful Washington presence and a strong advocacy program.

CLDA Industry Meetings: CLDA maintains a full schedule of industry meetings, educational programs and events throughout the year. And the CLDA annual meeting - in May 2019 in Phoenix - has been lauded by attendees for its focus on specific bottom line issues rather than extraneous sessions presented elsewhere.

CLDA Dues: We are pleased that CLDA has agreed to significantly reduce 2019 membership dues for XLA members. With the sole exception of our Certified International category - XLA's members will see a reduction in their dues which will range from 50% to 65% of normal CLDA dues. (Join here!)

XLA Representation: Per the agreement, XLA has three seats on the CLDA Board of Directors one of which is on their Executive Committee. Plus, all who join CLDA will be invited to participate in all committees!

A Dynamic Organization: CLDA has more than red members and affiliates. Combined with XLA members the new Association will be a powerful and across the board industry organization representing all sectors of the express cargo business combining agents, airlines and IACs within its structure. CLDA provides a strong, unified and effective voice - in Washington and elsewhere. It will significantly strengthen our entire industry and supply chain's interests and provide real and measurable benefits to your company's bottom line.


Now that XLA and CLDA have merged, what is required to carry over my membership as a former XLA member?

Answer: Membership will not carry over automatically. There is a current 50% discount on 2019 dues for former XLA members who renew their membership to CLDA. In order for you to take advantage of this, hover over the Membership tab, select "Join CLDA" and choose the "Previous XLA Members" category.

What are some of the benefits to joining CLDA?

Answer: CLDA provides a number of benefits including opportunities to expand your networks by building business relationships with industry leaders at our events, enhance your company performance through our progressive educational programs, and expand your business platform through our online member directory.  We also help our members stay on top of the latest industry news through our quarterly magazine and e-newsletters, as well as providing a voice inside of Washington DC for lobbying efforts.


For more information, check out the XLA introduction to CLDA Webinar found here.


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