Speak Up for Our Industry

CLDA members have the opportunity to set up a dialogue with the Department of Labor and we need each of you to step up to make that happen.

Our president, Steve Howard, met with the United States Labor Secretary, Eugene Scalia last week and shared some of the issues facing our industry with him.
Secretary Scalia was very engaging and encouraged Steve discuss how our industry has risen to the challenges of the coronavirus.   He was impressed by how you have kept the wheels of commerce rolling under the most challenging of circumstances.

Having the attention of the Secretary is a critical step in getting your concerns heard at the highest levels of government. It gives support and momentum to the meeting we have in the works with Cheryl Stanton, Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division. This meeting will give us a seat at the table when it comes to the regulations affecting our industry.

Here’s where you come in: In finalizing the date for the call with Administrator Stanton, we need to present the key topics and concerns you face in your day-to-day businesses. We need to make the case for the importance of those issues and challenges to make this call happen.

We need to know what keeps you up at night.  Please send those concerns to Michael Taylor, our Government Affairs Director by May 26.  Email them to michael@clda.org. Be assured that anything you tell us will remain confidential. We will not share your name or your company’s identity. 

This is the most important meeting we, as an industry, can have. It is a chance to have serious conversations with the Department of Labor while we have the attention of Labor Secretary Scalia. We need your help to make the most of this opportunity. 

Time is of the essence so please get this done by May 26.

With your help, we can make our industry’s voice heard.  It’s a critical opportunity for all of us who keep the supply chain moving.

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