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Canadian Members: Delivery and logistics companies in Canada. Standard rates for Canadian Members are determined by sales in U.S. dollars. Rate schedule for renewals after the first year of membership are as follows:

Regular First Time Member: $159/for the first year
Regular Member Under $1 Million: $610/Annual
Regular Member $1 Million to $5 Million: $9,870/Annual
Regular Member $5 Million to $10 Million: $1,570/Annual
Regular Member $10 Million to $15 Million: $2,230/Annual
Regular Member $15 to $25 Million: $2,890/Annual
Regular Member $25 to $35 Million: $3,440/Annual
Regular Member $35 to $50 Million: $3,990/Annual
Regular Member $50 to $100 Million: $6,195/Annual
Regular Member Over $100 Million: $9,910/Annual

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